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DeLorean Project Update: Harnessing Innovation and Gearing Up for Shark Tank

  • April 24, 2024

DeLorean Project Update: Harnessing Innovation and Gearing Up for Shark Tank

As we progress through another exciting year at GCC, the DeLorean Project continues to inspire and challenge our students. The program is designed to foster innovative thinking and practical problem-solving skills among our Year 10 cohort, and we are so excited to watch our students develop and grow as they tackle the challenges they face. 

A Journey Through Design Thinking

Term 1 was dedicated to instilling a deep understanding of the mindset required to innovate and create meaningful solutions. Our students engaged in the initial stages of the Design Thinking process, focusing intensely on identifying real-world problems and ideating potential solutions. This phase was not just about finding any problem, but rather about uncovering issues that resonated personally with the students, which they were passionate about solving. By the end of the term, most students had successfully identified a compelling problem and joined forces with like-minded peers to form cohesive teams.

Empathy and Understanding

The start of Term 2 marked a shift towards more tangible outcomes as students began preparing for the upcoming Shark Tank event – a platform where they will present their solutions to a panel of business leaders and entrepreneurs from our Sunshine Coast network. Last week’s sessions placed a significant emphasis on empathy mapping. This exercise helped our students step into the shoes of their potential users, understanding not only the logistical aspects of the problems their users experienced, but also the emotional impact these issues have on individuals. The engaging balloon character activity allowed each team to bring this understanding to life. Students created balloon characters representing their target users, shared stories about these characters’ struggles, and explored how their proposed solutions could improve these users’ lives.

Prototyping and Pitching

With Shark Tank just six weeks away, our students are now immersed in the critical phases of prototyping and pitching. This period is crucial as teams refine their prototypes, ensuring that their solutions are both innovative and executable. They are also honing their pitching skills, learning how to effectively communicate the value of their solutions to potential supporters.

Looking Ahead

The anticipation builds as the date for Shark Tank approaches. Our students are not only preparing to showcase their hard work but are also poised to make real-world impacts. They seek not only financial investment but valuable mentorship opportunities that can help turn their solutions into reality.

Stay tuned for our next update, which will include highlights from the Shark Tank event and a closer look at some of the standout projects. Don’t forget to check out the accompanying photos from our Balloon Character Empathy Mapping activity. 

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Rob Steffler, Dean of Studies, DeLorean Project Coordinator

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