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Cupcakes for SHE Rescue Home

  • July 26, 2017

Cupcakes for SHE Rescue Home

SHE stands for “Shaping Her Earth and Shaping Her Eternity” and is a rescue home in Cambodia providing a safe place for girls between five and sixteen who have been victims of the sex trafficking.

Nine of our students want to help the SHE Rescue Home and they have worked out a very yummy way of doing so. Tegan Gisler, Isabella Sponza, Courtney Hughes, Emily Grigor, Ursula Nicol, Lauren Vallely, Emma Wrigley, Taneesha Potter and Rose Stokes will be baking cupcakes for sale on Wednesday 2 August and they need you to buy them.

The cupcakes are only $2 each and will be on sale during Primary’s second break in three places: One in Prep, one in the Junior Undercover Area and one in the Hospitality Courtyard.

Flavours include vanilla, chocolate, rainbow vanilla and there will also be a gluten free vanilla. A list of ingredients will be in a letter sent home to all parents.

If anyone would like more information on the SHE Rescue Home, they can visit the website here.



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