Clean up Club 2018 - Glasshouse Christian College

Clean up Club 2018

  • February 13, 2018

Clean up Club 2018

Clean up Club has started off again this year with a blast of excitement and fun!

Clean up Club is a lunch time group which was started last year. Any student from Year 3 and Year 4 are welcome to join the club. The Year 3 club runs on Wednesday at second break and the Year 4 club runs on Thursday at second break. Students were very enthusiastic to join the club this year, getting over 80 students register to join the club from Year 3 and Year 4!

We had a great launch week where students participated with a positive attitude and a willingness to help make the school look beautiful. Students were decked out with lovely new pick up claws, gloves, buckets and membership lanyards. The students had a lot of success cleaning up their area of the school and made the grounds look wonderful. It was excellent seeing such a passionate group of students join the club who all have hearts to serve the school community.

The club will be running all year with the help of Mrs Jennings and Mrs Maciejewski.

We look forward to seeing the club succeed and grow over the year. Congratulations Clean Up Club!

Sarah Jennings and Desley Maciejewski

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