Student Clean Up Club at Glasshouse Christian College

Clean Up Club

  • June 14, 2018

Clean Up Club

Clean Up Club had another great term cleaning up our school and keeping our grounds looking beautiful. Clean Up Club had over 50 regular members this term from both Year 3 and Year 4 students.

Students turned up faithfully each week to clean up the oval and the undercover area. Students had a great time using pick up claws and buckets to pick up as much rubbish at they could find. To celebrate such a wonderful term of service to the school, Clean Up Club members were invited to a celebration afternoon where they had a dance party and ate ice blocks. Students had a blast dancing away and looking at photos of the term that had past in Clean Up Club.

It is excellent seeing such passionate and committed students take part in the club and serve the GCC community in this way. I am very proud of all of the Clean Up Club members and appreciate all that they do for our school.

Well done Clean Up Club!! Congratulations on another wonderful term.

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