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Book Week update and Primary winners announced

  • August 15, 2019

Book Week update and Primary winners announced

Next week, school communities around Australia will be celebrating Book Week, around the theme “Reading is my Secret Power”. At GCC, in the lead up to the event we have been busy celebrating reading and inviting students to take part in a variety of activities, competitions and events. We have had a special focus on quality children’s literature while exploring the shortlisted titles and are looking forward to the announcement of the Children’s Book Council of Australia (CBCA) Book of the Year and related Awards on Friday 16 August. To see this year’s shortlist visit the CBCA website, or check out these links on social media: Facebook and Twitter accounts (hashtag #CBCA2019).

We look forward to celebrating reading with the following events coming up next week:

Tuesday 20 August: Year 7 – 12  Character Day (Middle School and Senior School Assemblies)

Tuesday 20 August: Year 7-9 Read and Relax Day Year 7 – 9 students will have the opportunity to ’relax and read’ with their class for one session during the day on Tuesday 20 August. Students will enjoy a hot chocolate and biccie while reading a book of their choice. They can stay in their Character Day costume or change into their school uniform if it is required for an excursion or another class activity.

Thursday 22 August: Prep-Year 6 Book Week Parade Time: 8:40 am  

Here are the Primary Book Week Competition Winners for 2019. Special thanks to everyone who participated and to Shine guest illustrator Paul O’Sullivan for helping select the colouring competition winners this year. We plan to feature our SuperHero songs in an upcoming newsletter as there were some outstanding entries, including an impressive class entry from Prep Maroon.

Primary Book Week Competition Winners
Power of Words Competition
Sophie Doyle 2M
Isabella Buckland 5G
Ruby Klein 6M
Aimee Cullen 6M
Community Heroes Competition
Sophie Doyle 2M
Olivia Spiteri 4G
Colouring Competition
Pippa Rode PRG
Ella McKenzie 1M
Jaxon Wishart 2G
Jade Fullerton 3W
Olivia Spiteri 4G
Mia Menkens 5M
Ellie Nyenhof 6M
Super Song Competition
Ayla Clarke PRW
Hannah Rae 1W
Bryce Hatcher 2G
Estelle Collins 2M
Prep Maroon

Every year we endeavour to celebrate the role teachers play to inspire a love of reading. This week Primary students have created costumes for their very own ‘Super’ teachers and have written cinquains to showcase their teacher’s secret powers. They have also read about people who have shaped their world with their humble gifts, wisdom and passion. Superhero bingo has been popular, as has our MARVELlous book display showcasing Marvel and DC books and titles exploring the characteristics of what makes a hero.

As we prepare for Book Week here are 10 ways to consider Reading as a Secret Power:

  1. Reading is mindful. When engaged in reading you aren’t distracted by devices, chatting or problem-solving – it creates a quiet space in the brain and focuses your attention.
  2. Reading reduces stress. When in the flow of a good book, there are few better ways to momentarily halt the stresses of life. Hold on tight to this feeling.
  3. Reading improves your ability to wield words! Reading increases vocabulary and understanding of the way words work in both written and spoken forms.
  4. Reading is Free.  How powerful is the word ‘free’? Books can be accessed online and in print for free from libraries. Reading can be as entertaining as a night at the movies and there are many free community reading events offered via the Sunshine Coast Libraries.
  5. Reading improves writing. The more you read, the better grasp of the written word you have.
  6. Reading increases empathy and social awareness.  Reading allows us all to walk in the shoes of others and experience historical and current world events from the safety of our home.
  7. Reading is knowledge. Readers are lifelong learners who gain new knowledge from each new book they read.
  8. Reading improves your problem-solving.   Seeing characters make sense of their problems and seeing patterns in the ways issues are dealt with in written form improves your analytical thinking and your flexibility in problem-solving.
  9. Reading offers an escape from the daily grind.  It offers a place to retreat and experience another reality.
  10. Reading exercise the imagination.  It provides the mind with the opportunity to create visuals that are unique to the reader.

    (2019, Ipswich District Teacher – Librarian Network, Reading is My Secret Power)

See you in the library.
Vanessa McKellar and Beryl Morris, Teacher Librarians

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