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Awesome Lapathon Effort Rewarded

  • September 17, 2014

Awesome Lapathon Effort Rewarded

Presentations were made this week for the mighty effort put in by students and teachers during the Lapathon Challenge in Term 2. The classes have been patiently waiting to find out who the Overall Class Champions are so all was revealed this week. Year 6M led for most of the competition and were not able to be beaten even after 6G won the lapathon Relay Challenge. 6M are Senior Lapathon Champions for 2014.

Year 1M were so determined during their daily runs and really worked as a team to claim victory and ne named Junior Lapathon Champions. They encouraged each other running every single day and edged ahead of the other Junior classes in the last couple of weeks. Both classes have won a day of adventure and fun with Mrs Stott in term four.

Students were so determined each day to run as many laps as they could to accumulate more laps than other classes. Faces were bright red and sweat ran down foreheads as students returned to class after each daily ten minute run. Some students ran stride for stride with classmates and others ran and walked and jogged as many laps as possible, all the time improving their fitness. This improvement was very evident during the cross country races where most students ran the courses and finished really strongly.

The boy and girl from each class running the highest number of laps were presented certificates and prizes amongst the cheers from classmates. The girl and boy with the most laps overall in the Junior and Upper Primary were also presented prizes.

Bakani Kombanie and Patrick McKenzie did run stride for stride every day and completed exactly the same number of laps to become Overall Individual winners. They ran 147 laps or 44 kilometres over the duration of the lapathon. Lilly-Jean Cruise also excelled winning the Girls Overall  Award for most laps run completing 115 laps or 34.5 km and she is only in Year three!

The highest number of laps run by a Junior student was presented to Jake O’Grady who won convincingly running 109 laps with Thomas Quinn second and Matthew Fielding in third. The girls competition was much closer with Bre-Enna Coops and Maryanne Eder both running 88 laps to be joint winners of the Girls Individual Award.  Brianna Albrand and Claire Logar were second equal and Kaitlin Moore third.

Individual Class Winners 2014

Prep GShelbi McNultyChloe Roulston  65Jarrett Coulson  80
Prep MMadison Attwell  57Hayden Cullen  66
Prep WHannah Gassner  61Benjamin Ramke  71
Yr 1GAimee Cullen  65Nicholas James  80
Yr 1MBre-Enna Coops  88Caleb-Jay  McNamara  90
Yr 1WChloe Turnbull  69Uyapo Kombanie  84
Yr 2GKaitlin Morris  76Jake O’Grady109
Yr 2MClaire LogarBrianna Albrand  78Max Cashin  91
Yr 2WMaryanne Eder  88Thomas Quinn  95
Yr 3GLilli-Jean Cruise115Joshua McKellar =Kieran Robertson102102
Yr 3MKiara Sauer  81Bryce Sambrook117
Yr 3WLaura Coumi  90Christian Lucas=Aaron van der Palan  97
Yr 4GMolly McCaughey101Xander Bryant =Daemon Cruise115115
Yr 4MElla Childs105Daniel Coumi115
Yr 5GLucy Brander106Bradyn Bell125
Yr 5MKiana Reeves  92Declan Martin126
Yr 6GJamie-Lee Goudie101Samuel Townson116
Yr 6MBreeanna Bullock107Bakani Kombanie =Patrick McKenzie147147

Winning Junior Class    1st  1M        2nd  2G,    3rd 2M

Winning Senior Class   1st   6M   2629 = 789km     2nd   3M,    3rd   3G

Upper Primary Presentations

Lower Primary Presentations

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