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Agricultural Science News 19 September 2014

  • September 17, 2014

Agricultural Science News 19 September 2014

This last month has seen the Ag Science students learn about the digestive system of monogastric (single stomach, eg pigs) and ruminants (four stomach, eg sheep and cattle) animals. As they journeyed through the digestive system, they discovered the key functions of each structure.

The anatomy lessons continued with the reproductive tract, a vital aspect for the success of any animal production system. Fortunately, this coincided with the birth of 12 Wessex Saddleback piglets and a Wiltipoll lamb!

Finally, the students were able to examine both the digestive and reproductive system of a piglet (still born and not from the Ag plot!). The students carefully dissected both a male and female piglet, bringing to life the diagrams from their theory.

Community support has once again been amazing for the Agricultural Programme, with Biomites providing Predatory Mites (Phytoseiulus persimilis) to combat our two-spotted mites (Spider mites) infestation on the strawberries. This was a great practical lesson for the students on biological pest control!

Furthermore, the Australian Macadamia Society generously supplied twelve Macadamia trees to establish our very own ‘Macadamia Grove’ on the agricultural plot.  Local farmers, Cameron and Mary Lister also supported the project and shared their extensive knowledge on the farming of macadamias.  Channel 7 News also popped out to film the event! This tree planting provided an amazing experience for the students as they learnt about establishing a new crop and the preparation involved. The macadamia grove will also be a valuable resource for future Ag students as they learn about a growing local industry.

The Agricultural Science students and staff are truly appreciative of everyone that has assisted and provided support to the Agricultural program. We are blessed, thank you.

Jade King

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