Aden Draper’s report on SHEP - Glasshouse Christian College

Aden Draper’s report on SHEP

  • February 9, 2022

Aden Draper’s report on SHEP

During the school holidays, three GCC secondary students were invited to participate in SHEP at the Qld Conservatorium of Music. Aden Draper (saxophone), Kiri-Anna James (cello) and Madeleine Mullins (choir) represented the College. 

The Queensland State Honours Ensemble Program, or SHEP,  is a musical ensemble program presenting some of the most talented music students in Queensland. Featuring orchestras, wind, string, and vocal ensembles, and performing a beautiful variety of pieces, SHEP is a perfect program for any student who wishes to enhance and grow their musical abilities. To be part of the program, students must be either nominated by their teacher or audition. SHEP is a challenging program featuring pieces with an array of brilliant and difficult styles. It is an excellent opportunity for any student wishing to follow a life with music.

My experience with SHEP was very enjoyable and introduced me to new styles of music. SHEP has shown me the difficulties that come with performing in a professional band. It was incredible to see myself and so many other High School students in this program, along with many students as young as Years 6 and 7. During rehearsals, our conductor explained to us why the pieces we played were chosen. Each of the pieces had its own backstory. They are all quite intriguing and the pieces reflected the meaning brilliantly. Being a part of SHEP during the December school holidays has been an incredible experience that I will never forget, and has given me insight and skills that I will use throughout my life with music. 

Aden Draper, Year 12 student

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