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A cultural experience

  • May 12, 2022

A cultural experience

This term the Year 4 cohort is learning about the diversity of Australia’s First Peoples and the long and continuous connection of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples to Country and Place.

On Wednesday the Year 4s assembled in GPAC to listen and watch our very own Mrs Aliti McGaven give a very special presentation about her own national heritage and ancestry from the Island of Erub, one of the eastern islands in the Torres Strait.

Mrs McGavin engaged students on the distinct culture and traditions of the Torres Strait Islander People, which included saying hello and goodbye in her language, the meaning of the Torres Strait Islander flag, traditions and cultures such as ceremonies, fishing and hunting and the important part that coconut trees play into the culture of weaving. Mrs McGaven presented artefacts, such as baskets, hats, balls, handbags, and rice cookers weaved from the leaves of coconut trees. Students were excited to sing and do actions to songs in both the native and English language.

It was such an honour and a blessing that our Year 4s as well as our Year 4 teachers could be part of this learning journey and discovery of the Torres Strait Islander People’s history, culture and traditions.   

From the Year 4 Teachers and students, we thank you, Mrs McGavin!

Desley Maciejewski, Year 4 Team Leader

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