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Years 4-6 SCISSA Sport

  • March 23, 2022

Years 4-6 SCISSA Sport

GCC was a hive of activity this week with Primary SCISSA holding its first Friendly Training Match against Sunshine Coast Grammar School. Students from Year 4 – 6 were bursting with excitement to get out on the field to participate in Thursday SCISSA games. 

The following teams travelled to Sunshine Coast Grammar School to participate: 

Cricket Year 5 team 
Cricket Year 6 team
2 x U10s Rugby 7s teams
2 x U11/12s Rugby 7s teams
Year 4 Olympic Handball team
3 x Netball Year 5 teams
3x Netball Year 6 teams

The following teams travelled to Skippy park to participate: 

2x Touch Year 5 teams 
2x Touch Year 5 teams 

GCC hosted the below Grammar sporting teams: 

4 x Netball Year 4 teams
Football Year 4 team
2 x Football Year 5 teams
Football Year 6 team
2 x Basketball Year 4 teams 
Basketball Year 5 team 
2 x Basketball Year 6 teams

Students enjoyed preparing in their teams for the full day Gala Day event on Thursday 24 March where they played all schools associated with SCISSA on the Sunshine Coast. 

I would like to thank all teams for the eagerness and good sportsmanship that they demonstrated on the day. 

Joshua Bennett

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