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Year 7 still need their ‘mummies’!

  • November 5, 2019

Year 7 still need their ‘mummies’!

As part of the study of ancient Egypt in FUSE for our History focus this term, the Year 7s keenly enjoyed their excursion to the Abbey Museum at Caboolture in Week 3. This is an annual excursion that always proves to be very popular with the students. The chance to get out of the classroom on field excursions with hands-on activities is always so effective in engaging students in practical learning.

Split over two days due to our number of Year 7 students, the excursion had the students participating in an interactive presentation about why the Egyptians used mummification and how the ceremonies would have taken place. The students then rolled up their sleeves and got digging! Being involved in a mock archaeological dig to uncover various ancient artefacts including a sarcophagus was a wonderful way to appreciate how ancient discoveries are made and the intricate and careful processes needed to piece together the stories that inform us of history. 

Tania Calais, Year 7 Coordinator

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