Overcoming Obstacles

Year 7s overcoming obstacles

  • May 24, 2018

Year 7s overcoming obstacles

The week of NAPLAN was a bit of a busy and perhaps stressful week for students and so the Year 7s celebrated the end of the tests with activities on giant inflatables.

However, we also used the activity time as a life-lesson on ‘Overcoming Obstacles’ and talked with the Year 7 students both before and after the time bouncing around about the lessons we can learn. We talked about how sometimes things in our lives can seem huge and insurmountable but we can surprise ourselves with our grit and determination and overcome many problems in life.

This activity is also a step in our preparation for our Canberra trip in Term 3 when we know that the students will face and overcome perhaps a few fears to be away from home for a week. Parents, remember that the information evening for the Canberra trip is coming up in a few weeks on Tuesday 5 June. See you all then.

Tania Calais 

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