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Year 6 feel the buzz in Science

  • March 13, 2019

Year 6 feel the buzz in Science

The Year 6 students have been enjoying their time in the collaborative learning space known as ‘L8’ again this year. It is not only a great opportunity to become familiar with the space ahead of moving to Middle School but it is also a wonderful opportunity to get together with other students in Year 6 who they wouldn’t usually get to work with throughout the week. Our focus this term has been on building our knowledge of electrical circuits and energy transformation. Students have experienced a variety of hands on projects using solar kits, circuit building equipment and Makey Makey electronic kits.

Steven Libby from the Senior School kindly came and demonstrated static electricity using the Van der Graaf generator. Students were enthralled to see their hair stand on end and seemed to delight in zapping each other as well! Mr Libby’s physics tricks and circuit building inspired many Year 6 students to think about physics as a possible future study area.

The collaborative learning space is also used to develop students’ skills for the future education environment and workplace. This term our focus is on communication skills. Students have been working through a variety of purposeful thinking skills activities and practical tasks. We have been looking at aspects of body language, how to greet someone and how to identify our strengths and weaknesses as a communicator. Each student is setting themselves a personal goal to develop an area of their communication skills, so be on the lookout for a Year 6 student looking you in the eye and giving you a hearty, ‘Good morning!’.

The Year 6 Team

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