Year 3 Camp - Glasshouse Christian College

Year 3 Camp

  • February 6, 2020

Year 3 Camp

Year 3 students had a wonderful start to the year by taking part in a variety of fun activities. The highlight for many though was, of course, our overnight camp at Sea Life Sunshine Coast. Students had an amazing time at Sea Life where they were able to create wonderful new memories and connections with their friends and teachers.

We experienced fully guided tours of the aquarium including a special trip behind the scenes into their STAFF ONLY area. Students participated in so many amazing experiences including; feeding the sharks and stingrays, exploring the seahorse sanctuary and even touching some slimy and bumpy creatures at the rockpool exploration. We had the privilege of enjoying a private Seal Show and watching in awe at all the tricks, dives and spins that the seals could do. 

As the night set in, students set up their beds to experience sleeping near the underwater creatures. Boys had the unique opportunity to sleep under the sea in Sea Life’s 80 metre long Ocean Tunnel and the girls had the wonderful experience of sleeping in the tranquil Freshwater Billabong area.

The Year 3 students all had a memorable overnight experience where they were able to enjoy the company of their friends and participate in new and exciting activities. 

Amy Eskdale

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