Year 3 Baton Relay outing - Glasshouse Christian College

Year 3 Baton Relay outing

  • November 28, 2018

Year 3 Baton Relay outing

This year the 3G class won the most laps recorded for the Baton Relay in the Year 3-6 class category. During the several week period that this is run, 3G fought hard to hold the winning position which awarded them the winning prize for a PE excursion.

This week we all left on a very hot Monday for the Bli Bli Aqua Park where we jumped, fell and bounced our way through the park. From there, we regained our energy by eating our lunch and cheering on the wake-boarders who were practicing at the cable park.

An extremely happy and tired group of students jumped on the bus for Skippy Park to have a BBQ lunch and play some games.

Thanks to the parent helpers who came along for the day, Mrs Jennings and the students of 3G who all made it an awesome day.

Joshua Bennett

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