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Year 11 Leadership

  • June 7, 2022

Year 11 Leadership

The theme for the Year 11 students this term has been on ‘Leadership’. It’s hard to believe that ‘Year 12, 2023’ is quickly approaching and we need to start considering applications for leadership positions next year! Recently, the students looked at five keys to becoming a good leader, these included;

1.     Model the way
2.     Enable others to act
3.     Have a shared vision
4.     Encourage the heart
5.     Challenge the process

The students brainstormed what we want this to look like in our year level and I was so impressed with the beautiful ideas that they came up with. The most common feedback under each of these key aspects was about encouraging one another and positively impacting the lives of others. As part of this discussion, the students were challenged to create a ‘Lolly Pop Moment’ for students in other year levels. A ‘Lolly Pop moment’ is essentially when you impact others by offering a small, positive gesture. In this circumstance, the Year 11s were each given a lolly pop to give to another student in our community. Some of the students found this confronting at first, but once they saw the reaction of the students receiving these small acts of kindness, they really enjoyed the process. Many have asked if we can do this regularly throughout the year!

It is an absolute blessing to work alongside such an amazing team of young people and I am so excited to witness them continue to thrive as they prepare for Year 12, 2023!

Cassie McKenzie, Year 11 Coordinator 

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