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What makes a great family?

  • March 28, 2019

What makes a great family?

Lately, I have been learning not to take time for granted and to make sure that we make the most of every second, especially in the context of family. See my oldest son Joshua is getting married this weekend and it has been such a joy to see him fall in love with Liliana. They will commit their lives together to God and each other forever and as a Father I think about their marriage and what their family will look like. What will they build into their marriage to have a long happy marriage?

So I thought I would invite us to consider this question first. What do you believe is the most important thing for you when it comes to family? Before you read on I invite you to take a moment to reflect, ponder and make a list of the key values that make your family great.

Here are some of the values that God brought to mind and I am sure there are many others. If these amazing values were personified through each individual family member, then we are moving forward together powerfully and closely into the future.

  • A love that acts and is highly relational and is unconditional towards everyone.
  • Lots of Joy, laughter and happiness.
  • Prevailing peace and calmness that demolishes stress and anxiety.
  • Patient in everything – being quick to listen, slow to speak.
  • Kind hearts that serve, bless and put others before themselves.
  • A strong desire for good not bad.
  • Faithfully supporting, committing, encouraging and praying for each other.
  • Pursuing a gentle spirit and quiet spirit which is so precious.
  • Showing self-control towards self and each other in all circumstances.

WOW. These thoughts got me excited and I pray all our families would at least experience some of these and possibly pursue them during the upcoming holiday break. The truth is, these values and character qualities are available for every home, every life. When we surrender to God our lives and our families He has a way of invading them and giving us what we need to be the best we were made to be. The Apostle Paul writes in  Galatians 5:22-23 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control. When we submit to God, this fruit will be evident.

Let’s take a moment these holidays to pray through these Values & Qualities and enjoy a deeper relationship with God and each other.

God help us with this privileged position called parenting. Please help us God, by your Spirit, to live and love as you loved. May our Children catch from us fruit that lasts and desire it for their own in Jesus name, amen.

Rob Wolsley, College Pastor

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