Tournament of Minds Competition 2019 - Glasshouse Christian College

Tournament of Minds Competition 2019

  • September 5, 2019

Tournament of Minds Competition 2019

Seven students from Glasshouse Christian College’s Honours program spent the first five weeks of Term 3 preparing for the Tournament of Minds competition held at the University of the Sunshine Coast. The team included Aimee Cullen, Josh Ford, Charles Atkinson, Lillian Smyth, Chelsea Brown, Abi Viney and Quinn MacPherson.

Tournament of Minds is a problem-solving program for teams of students. The Tournament’s aim is to enhance the potential of students by developing diverse skills, enterprise, time management and the discipline to work collaboratively within a challenging and competitive environment. Students choose a challenge to work on as a team from four categories (The Arts, STEM, Language Literature, Social Sciences) and each team member contributes equally. They also have a spontaneous challenge that they are given on the spot and they have a small amount of time to decide on a solution.

Our students chose to compete in ‘The Arts’ category of the competition called “The Wizard of Aus”. They had to create their own ‘yellow-brick road’ and build their own story. They worked together to create their own script, costumes and props. All costumes and props had to be made by the students from a list of permissible materials. The students created an under the sea story with their own green sea-grass road to teach the human (Charles) about ocean pollution. Their story included a turtle (Lillian) who hated plastic bags, a seabird (Aimee) who hated plastic bottle rings, a stingray (Abi) who hated humans treating animals as their own entertainment and a shark (Quinn) who hated fishing nets/line. They were all saved by the rainbow fish (Josh) and his assistant (Chelsea) who granted their wishes and the human learned a lesson and he became far more environmentally aware.

The students performed their final story on Sunday 25 August at the University of Sunshine Coast to a panel of judges. Although they did not achieve a placing they presented with enthusiasm and excelled in their performance. Everyone who attended was impressed by their creative story and presentation. Congratulations to this outstanding team.

Sharryn Viney, Primary Honours Teacher

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