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The importance of respect – Principal’s Blog

  • August 17, 2017

The importance of respect – Principal’s Blog

Respect is our second core value (G.R.E.A.T.) and it is certainly one of the most important. If there was no ‘R’ for respect in our core values, it would not be possible to have E for Excellence, A for Attitude and T for Teachability. A lack of respect completely undermines the mission of teaching and learning. Without respect, schools can’t be run and families fall apart.  

At GCC we insist our teachers respect themselves, each other and the students they teach and relate to. We expect the same from our students. We know that teachers and students aren’t perfect and there will be times when we disagree with each other but if we treat each other with respect, both parties win.

When respect is the norm, teaching and learning are powerfully impacted. The teacher is inspired and empowered, able to use every available minute for quality teaching. When respect is not the norm teachers become tired from expending all their energy on classroom control.

Of course there are times when students disagree with teachers and even parents disagree with some school rules. Respect doesn’t mean we have to agree with everything and everyone. It means we respect each other as people created in the image of God who have an opinion that differs from someone else. There are avenues to express these disagreements appropriately.

As a parent I want to remind others that we have the responsibility to teach our children to respect us as parents and those in authority. You are not meant to be your child’s best friend, you are their parent – enlisted with the responsibility of training them up and preparing them for life. A child who grows up disrespecting authority has a very hard journey ahead of them.

Naturally our children will be more ready to respect us and our authority as parents if we are respecting them; helping them to grow into mature adults ready for a world where respect is crucial in order to hold jobs, complete qualifications and even to have meaningful relationships.

At GCC we are strict about honouring the value of respect. We do so, not because we don’t appreciate others’ points of view, but because we know how important it is for our students to value, model and learn respect for themselves, for others and for the world God created.  

Goodbye Mrs Bullock, Hello Mr Bullock

It is with mixed emotions that we said farewell to Mrs Annaliese Bullock as she takes maternity leave. Annaliese has been at the College for about six years and during this time she has made a wonderful impact on the College as a whole. Her passion for sport has been infectious but what she will be remembered more for is her passion to help students, in particular young ladies, grow into people with self respect, dignity and a deep knowledge of their identity in God.

In an unusual but fortuitous situation for us Annaliese is being replaced by her husband Jared. Before his position here Jared was the Head of Sport at Murrumba Downs College for the past two years. He brings many different and important skills to the department and I am sure he will feel very welcome.

Farewell Susan Marquet and welcome Melinda Carlson

Susan had been working with us for five and a half years and we will miss her talent and passion for Performing Arts. Susan worked tirelessly and this was never more evident during her herculean efforts with the musicals. Susan leaves us to spend more time with her family and we wish her all the best in her retirement.

Melinda began on the same day as Jared and is our new Performing Arts Assistant. Melinda comes to us with a wealth of training and experience in education and music which will be put to good use at GCC. Shine is just around the corner and is our biggest Performing Arts event of the year so Melinda has been thrown in the deep end. Please make Melinda feel welcome when you see her around the campus.

Shine on the Arts at GCC

Over the past few months some of you will have had a chance to see our students shine at Dance, Drama, Music, Visual and Performing Arts but many missed out due to work and time commitments. On Friday 1 September everyone is invited to see our students perform at Shine 2017. Shine is our celebration of the Arts event that happens during our “off musical” year.

The night kicks off at 5pm and should wrap up at 8pm. It is events like these that should make us all very proud of our talented students and I can’t wait to see the performances and their artwork on display.


I hope you are enjoying the new format of the newsletter and would like to apologise to those of you who are receiving it more than once. We are aware of the problem and are working toward a solution so thank you for your patience.

Mike Curtis, Principal

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