Sport and Rec Camp - Glasshouse Christian College

Sport and Rec Camp

  • October 12, 2017

Sport and Rec Camp

The beginning of this term saw the first Sport and Rec Camp at GCC. Every camper was exhausted after the overnight camp and I’m sure they slept extremely well afterwards.

The adventure involved a gruelling ride, trek and paddle across the greater part of the area that covers the Glasshouse Mountains. Students were pushed to the limits as they paddled 6km through the Coochin Creek and rode for approximately 30km through tough terrain up and down the mountains. Students camped overnight and were responsible for setting up their own tents and campsite.

Students were exposed to the best of the outdoors and did a great job! Next year will only get bigger and better as the students get more confident and different terrain is explored.

Jared Bullock

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