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Sensational Day, a Sensational Time 

  • March 22, 2017

Sensational Day, a Sensational Time 

Prep once again celebrated a sensational day of sensory activities rotating around the classes on 17 March. We participated in a recording to create sound effects for a funny story, made ‘coloured sand’ (salt) bottles, stepped through tubs to feel different things including sticky spaghetti and dry rice, threaded fruit loops, cooked and tasted pancakes, created a cool collage and made a shaker to move and groove to the music with. God gave us our senses to enjoy the world, learn about the world and to stay safe. I know the enjoyment factor was high that Friday.

Our grateful thanks to the wonderful parents we have who support us when we undertake such a lot in one morning! Your help is fabulous!

Thanks too, to our wonderful Prep students who were delightful to work with!

Lin Smith

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