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Senior School News 26 June 2015

  • June 24, 2015

Senior School News 26 June 2015

Thank you

We are now at the end of a very busy second term.  I wish to thank our parents for the support you have given throughout the term, especially encouraging the children to keep working hard when they start to tire.  I also want to thank my staff for the long hours they have put in over this last fortnight in particular, doing assessments and reports.  Finally I want to thank the Senior students who have worked hard throughout the term and who have typified our GREAT values.

Coming up

Week 1 Term 3:

  1. Tuesday – Year 10 students will be going to the Sunshine Coast Careers Expo.  The Expo is open to everyone in the evening and I encourage all parents whose child says, “I don’t know what I want to do when I finish school,” to take them to the event. Year 10s will be expected to wear full formal uniform for this excursion, including blazers. Hats will not be required.
  2. Thursday – Year 12 will be doing their final study skills seminar entitled “The Finishing Line”.  This seminar will help our Year 12s to stay focussed in this, the most critical term of their schooling.  Later this term they will be sitting their QCS exams as well as having all their assessment checked at Verification Panels.  It is so important that our Year 12s work to the best of their ability in this term.
  3. Friday – Grandparents’ Day: Our Year 11 and 12 Hospitality students will be serving at our Grandparents’ Day.  A special thank you to Mrs Peters and the Hospitality team of students.

Week 2 Term 3:

Tuesday and Wednesday – Parent Teacher Interviews.  Booking details will be included with Report Cards when they are sent out in the last week of the holidays.


In Senior, we deliberately run our classes through to the end of term and push our assessment back until the last week.  Our exam block finishes with only a few days before the holidays.  We allow enough time for students to go through their exams.  Checking exams is one of the greatest learning experiences.  Students get to see what mistakes they made and learn through this experience.  This is why we deter students from leaving school early.  Holidays start at 3pm on 26 June and not before.  We want students to work through to the last lesson on this day THEN we want our students to have an amazing restful and relaxing holiday.

David Heyworth, Head of Senior School

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