Senior School News 24 May 2013 - Glasshouse Christian College

Senior School News 24 May 2013

  • May 23, 2013

Senior School News 24 May 2013

Excellence or Perfectionism?The third of our GCCC values reminds us to strive to do the best we can in everything we do – Excellence. We need to be careful though not to confuse excellence with perfectionism. They mean very different things. Perfectionism is something altogether different from excellence.
  • Excellence makes us feel good about what we achieve.
  • Perfectionism has standards that continually crush people.
  • Excellence inspires and motivates, encouraging others to achieve as well.
  • Perfectionism keeps prodding us from behind, making us feel guilty.
  • Excellence invites us and says, “You can.”
  • Perfectionism is always commanding, “You must.”
  • Excellence challenges saying, “All I ask is that you give your best, your personal best.”
  • Perfectionism is artificial.  It neglects the heart and is motivated by guilt.
  • Excellence is authentic and heart-driven and is motivated by God’s greatness.
  • Perfectionism is done out of a sense of duty.
  • Excellence is contagious and inspires people.
Let’s keep encouraging our young people to achieve excellence in everything they do.  We can never be perfect but we can all excel.

Assignment Due Dates: 
The College policy is that students who do not submit work on time will receive an after school detention.  The detention will be held on a Tuesday or Thursday from 3pm – 5pm.  Every student in Senior has received an email from me explaining this policy.  At this time of year many assignments become due so it’s important for students to keep on top of their work load.  If your child needs an extension then they should firstly talk to their teacher explaining why they are unable to meet the deadline. An extension will then be negotiated.

Year 10 Careers:
 Last Thursday we had a large number of students and their parents attend the Careers Information Night. Please review the information provided on that night and ensure you have looked at the SET plan questions.

 Please ensure your child is properly dressed in the correct College uniform. This is one area that every child can excel. Shoes need to be polished regularly.  Boys need to ensure they have belts and ties and shirts are tucked in.  Formal uniform socks are grey coloured and sport uniform socks are white.


David Heyworth, Head of Senior School

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