Senior School News 13 June 2014 - Glasshouse Christian College

Senior School News 13 June 2014

  • June 12, 2014

Senior School News 13 June 2014

Happenings in Assembly

We have had some really interesting guest speakers at school lately. A couple of weeks ago we had Kerry De Jager from the Australian Drug Detection Agency (ADDA).  She started her address by asking the assembly if anyone had ever taken drugs.  There was quiet all around the assembly until she explained that we had all taken some form of drug, whether it was prescribed medication or just caffeine in a cup of coffee.  She then explained the role of the ADDA in private industries and how they are often called in to do drug and alcohol testing of employees on the work floor and the consequence of having drugs in your system while you try and do a job.

The following week we had our local Adopt-a-cop, Constable Susan Lowndes from Beerwah Police and she continued this theme of the dangers of various types of drugs.  It was interesting to note that students aged 17 and over are treated as an adult when drug related crimes are involved.

Then last week we had Darren Pereira from Success Integrated in Melbourne take the seniors for a full day of workshops.  Half the day was spent with the Year 10s doing the program “Shape your Destiny”.  In this workshop they were challenged to identify their passions and their ideals.  These, together with their God given talents, would help them to realise a career path where they could succeed and contribute to society in a positive way.  This program was perfect for the Year 10s as they consider their subject choices for Year 11 and 12 and their future career pathway.

Following on from the Year 10 workshop, the Year 11 and 12s spent the afternoon with Darren investigating a variety of study skills as well as exam techniques.  With the exam block only two weeks away and the QCS exam coming up soon, this was very timely.

This week in Assembly we had Challenge of the Minds, a fun inter-house competition that pitched House against House to find which has the greatest minds!  Points achieved in this competition will go towards the end of year Legacy Cup.  I’m pleased to announce that Ararat was the outright winner followed by Zion and then Sinai.

INVITE: Come to our Assembly on 17 June at 8:30am to hear Sonya Ryan talk about Cyber Safety

Next week (17 June) we have another speaker from Melbourne coming to address the students.  Sonya Ryan was a national finalist for Australian of the Year in 2013.  For the past five years, Sonya Ryan has dedicated herself to the promotion of internet safety through the Carly Ryan Foundation established in memory of her daughter Carly.  Befriended by an internet predator posing as a teenage boy, Carly was groomed by the middle-aged man who convinced her to meet him. Tragically that meeting in February 2007 resulted in her brutal murder. Filled with grief and despair, Sonya did not turn inwards, instead she reached out to others to ensure that similar tragedies could be avoided. Carly’s story warns of the potential dangers inherent through internet interaction. She alerts children and parents to the multiple identities used by cyber paedophiles to groom children and win their confidence and trust. Through the Carly Ryan Foundation, Sonya also provides counselling for victims of internet crime and provides police with information to help prevent crimes against children.  Sonya is being sponsored by the Business and Professional Women group (BPW Caboolture)

The effect of Technology on Teenagers

Year 12s will be bringing information home in the next week or so about a survey a local psychologist is doing for her PhD studies at the Sunshine Coast University.  GCCC has been invited as part of her pilot study, to look at the effect technology is having on teenagers and their families.  More information about this study will be sent home and I will also email families the information too.  Children in Year 12 will not be able to participate in the study unless permission is granted.

Finally I wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone involved in the musical.  I thoroughly enjoyed the evening and was greatly impressed by the talent and dedication shown by all cast and crew.

David Heyworth, Head of Senior School

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