Secondary Sports Wrap - Weeks 4 to 8 - Glasshouse Christian College

Secondary Sports Wrap – Weeks 4 to 8

  • September 6, 2018

Secondary Sports Wrap – Weeks 4 to 8

QLD All Schools Lawn Bowls Championship:
During Week 7, Jeffrey Parkes and Jack Murphy represented GCC at the QLD All Schools Lawn Bowls Championships held at Pacific Pines in North Brisbane. The event was run over two days and 14 Queensland schools were in attendance. Considering Jeff and Jack are quite new to the game, they did extremely well to win many of their games. They had a tough draw with early games Vs the eventual winners Longreach and a close game Vs the runners up Beerwah SHS. GCC would like to thank Bill Tunbridge and Jeff from the Glasshouse Bowls Club for giving up their time to coach our boys and for offering us their facilities, equipment and coaches at the Glasshouse Bowls Club for our Middle School sport sessions and team training purposes.
GCC finished in 8th place overall.

Round 1 – GCC 20 Def 4 Anglican Church Grammar/ James Nash HS
Round 2 – Longreach 14 Def 3 GCC
Round 3 – GCC 18 Def 5 St Patricks College
Round 4 – GCC 20 Def 8 Mount Larcom HS
Round 5 – Mt Maria College 13 Def 4 GCC
Round 6 – Beerwah SHS 17 Def 11 GCC
Round 7 – James Nash HS 21 Def 6 GCC
Round 8 – GCC 10 Def 4 Ormeau HS
Round 9 – GCC 8 Draw 8 Bentley Park College



Equestrian Inter school competition
Year 11 student Lauren Brockhurst recently competed in the inter school equestrian competition. Lauren is an exceptional rider and managed to finish 1st, 2nd or 3rd across all events. Congratulations to Lauren on her fantastic results.

1st in Preliminary 1.1
2nd in Basic D
2nd in the Dry Pattern
2nd in Extreme Trail
2nd Stockman’s Challenge
2nd Australian Pleasure
2nd Rider Class
3rd Preliminary 1.3
3rd Basic B
3rd Year 11 Hack

National U15 School boys Volleyball Champions
Congratulations to Aiden McKellar and JD Theron on their recent successes representing the school boys QLD team at the national championships. This competition was held at Bendigo in Victoria. Please see the news article from the Bendigo Advertiser. JD Theron and Aiden McKellar were selected for the team following the Regional Championships earlier this year. This was an amazing opportunity and testament to the volleyball program offered at GCC! Special thanks to Jarred Pienaar whose passion for the game and coaching in Year 8 and 9 inspired a love of volleyball for both of the boys.

Rugby 7s Tournament

“The GCC 7s team was invited to participate in an all-school 7s tournament on Friday 10 August.
They were placed in a pool of four teams: Woodford State High School, Victory College and St Andrews Anglican College. Their first game was against a St Andrews team that was prepared to exact some revenge on GCC for the loss in the SCISSA Grand Final last term.
St Andrews got the win they were hoping for. This left the GCC team to lick their wounds and prepare for their upcoming games.
GCC had regrouped and regathered under the inspiring leadership of Nash Davis, they then went on to beat the other two opponents in a remarkable fashion by scoring 14 tries and conceding just one in two games, with Connor Keith converting many of the tries for the extra points.
Against Woodford: 35-0
Against Victory College: 35-5
This “new look” team consisted of players who were not part of the SCISSA championship team and really showed their determination and courage to put GCC rugby on the map.
Liam Brown deserves a mention as the leading try scorer on his debut outing for GCC rugby. Nash Davis was fearless as captain and set a fine example for the newer players. Nik Gowen and Harry Brannigan were the enforcers and put in some big runs and big hits.
Well done to the boys who went out and displayed some good rugby and excellent sportsmanship on behalf of their school.” – Ryan Carolissen (Coach)

SCISSA Touch Football
Junior Boys A
GCC Draw with SAAC 6-6. Best Daemon Cruise
GCC Defeated SCC 12-1. Best Beau Doneathy
GCC Lost to MFAC 5-11. Best Mason White
GCC Lost to SCGS 4-12. Best Jack James

Junior Boys B
GCC Defeated SAAC 11-1. Best Cody Hall
GCC Lost to MFAC2; 0-13. Best Jaymes Roser
GCC Defeated MFAC3; 5-4. Best Kade Morgan
GCC Lost to MFAC 3-8. Best Carl Burgess

Junior Girls A
GCC Draw with SAAC 1-1. Best Hayley Dellaway
GCC Defeated SCGS 6-5. Best Hayley Dellaway
GCC Draw with GSLC 3-3. All played well
GCC Defeated SCC 8-0. Best Madison Newsome.

Junior Girls B
GCC Lost to SAAC 3-4. Best Lilli-Jean Cruise
GCC Lost to ILC 2-5. Best Lilli-Jean Cruise
GCC Draw with MFAC 3-3. Best Nicole Morris
GCC Defeated SCGS 6-0. Best Lilli-Jean Cruise

Inter Boys A

GCC Defeated NCC by forfeit.
GCC Lost to GSLC 3-9. Best Aiden McKellar
GCC Lost to MFAC 2-9. Best Damian Tomokino
GCC Lost to SCGS 3-6. Best Aiden McKellar

Inter Boys B

GCC Defeated SAAC 4-3. Best Patrick Mackie
GCC Defeated MFAC3; 3-2. Best Riley McMillan
GCC Defeated SCC 5-4. Dylan Foale
GCC Defeated ILC 4-1. Best Tate Doneathy
GCC Defeated GSLC in the quarter final by forfeit

Inter Girls A

GCC Lost to SCC 1-2. Best Ellie Keeble
GCC draw with GSLC 3-3. Cassidy Ferris
GCC Lost to MFAC 2-6. Best Cassidy Ferris
GCC Lost to SCGS 2-6. Best Jorja Goddard

Senior Boys A
GCC Defeated SAAC 4-3. Best Harry Fullerton
GCC draw with SCGS 5-5. Best Harry Fullerton
GCC Lost to GSLC 1-12. Best Lachlan Peel
GCC Lost to SCC 1-8. Best Daniel Mitchell & Reuben Tidy

Senior Girls A

Game postponed to the 5/9.
GCC Lost to GSLC 0-11. Best Sophie Trevan
GCC Lost to MFAC 0-5. Best Sophie Trevan
GCC Lost to SCGS 2-7. Best Steffini Twidale

Junior Masters ‘Go Karts’
Rhyan Mueller recently competed at the Junior Masters Go Kart competition held at Gympie in wet and slippery conditions. During heat 4 he was involved in an accident. He was in 12th when the guy in front of him spun out. Rhyan hit him really hard which resulted in bent steering on Rhyans kart. During the final the rain was torrential, they red flagged the race at one point before restarting it. Rhyan finished in 10th position in the final.

Matthew Beattie, Head of PE and Sport


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