SC Young Citizen of the Year 2021 - Angelique Hallett - Glasshouse Christian College

SC Young Citizen of the Year 2021 – Angelique Hallett

  • February 9, 2021

SC Young Citizen of the Year 2021 – Angelique Hallett

Each year a number of citizens of the Sunshine Coast are nominated for various awards that are presented at the Australia Day citizenship ceremony. This year one of our Year 12 students, Angelique Hallett, has been presented with the Young Citizen of the Year award. This is a prestigious honour and one that is very deserving of the contributions Angelique has made to the Sunshine Coast. 

In 2019 Angelique started a social enterprise as part of her DeLorean Project. Loving Hope was established as a response to Angelique’s research into the number of children who had been removed from domestic violence situations and taken to a care shelter. Often these children leave with the very basics and do not have time to take precious belongings or toys with them. The research also highlights the emotional benefit of a cuddly toy, such as a bear, for vulnerable children who have been in these situations. To date, the purchases, and/or, donations by customers of Loving Hope, have helped to distribute over 300 adorable bears into the arms of children across the Sunshine Coast living in shelters for victims of domestic violence. The need is widespread and Angelique is already making plans to distribute to shelters in Brisbane and Gympie, and eventually further afield. This is a social enterprise that has definitely made a positive impact on the lives of others in our community. 

Angelique is a humble servant-hearted leader in our community and she is an excellent example of our college GREAT values. We are very proud of her accomplishments and the impact that she has made on the lives of others and we know this is only the beginning of something incredibly powerful. An excellent quote by Jonah Salk was shared with the College staff this week that exemplifies the work Angelique has done and will continue to do… “The reward for work well done is the opportunity to do more”. This is very much the attitude of Angelique and this award has opened more doors for Loving Hope. Congratulations Angelique on being recognised by this award and the wonderful example you are to many.

If you would like to know more about Loving Hope, or make a purchase or donation, you can follow on social media or go to the Loving Hope website. 

Instagram: loving.hope 
Facebook: Loving Hope

Tanya Cullen

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