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Rudolph’s visit

  • November 28, 2018

Rudolph’s visit

Last week when 1W arrived for their Music lesson, something special happened. Here are some of the children’s written responses.

Jasmin Goodwin: “What’s that? Is it a bird?” I said to myself. I knew Mr Y was making the bird move. The bird’s name was Rudolph and he was chewing the door. Rudolph was ginormous! We were all at the Music room. Finally, we went into the Music room. Mr Y brought the big puppet inside. The bird eats little kids if they are naughty. First, when he ate the kids, they were not naughty. Rudolph was so, so, so, so, so, so, FUNNY! I think Mr Y was very happy too.

When it was home time Mr Y put Rudolph back in the cupboard. Mr Y said Rudolph was having a holiday.

Ethan McClureWe were all lining up. Mr Y said he had someone. We were excited. It poked its head out of the door. It looked fluffy. He said his name was Rudolph. He had long, furry arms and a dumpy belly and long legs. He had a green beak. Rudolph was funny. Mrs Y was controlling him.

He put his beak on the door then the door didn’t open because the door was locked. We went in the room and some kids touched Rudolph! He had to go away then. He had to leave. We said, “Bye Rudolph!” So some kids asked Mr Y if we could play with the handballs.

Emily Butler: I saw a little head poking out of the door. It looked fluffy and green. It had a pink feathery scarf and yellow hair and an orange body. He had rainbow coloured flowery legs. He also had a pink ankle and a green big fat foot at the end of his foot, he had little black triangles.

It was Mr Y who was dressed up as a bird. Its name was Rudolph. He said he like eating little kids. He was very funny. He made a giggle a lot! Rudolph tried to eat us but he couldn’t. So he had nothing to eat. I was thinking, “What’s happening here?”

Then people were being silly so Rudolph went away. Mr Y said we could play with the bouncy balls. Then it was time to go home. “Oh no! I forgot to say goodbye to Mr Y,” I thought. So I did. I said, “Bye Mr Y,” with excitement in my eyes. He said, “Bye Emily.” Then I walked to my mum and my little sister Laura.

Jazz Jacenko: We were lining up for Music. Mr Y said, “ Do you want to see Rudolph?”
“Yes!’ we yelled.
Suddenly we saw a huge, green beak, big eyes and a big orange head with furry hair. It was a bird. Mr Y said, “You are not to touch him.”
“Yes, Mr Y,” we said.
We sang songs to Rudolph and he was so funny!

Bryce Hatcher: I raced to line up at Music and then Mr Y popped out and said, “I’ve got a friend,” and I thought it was going to be a wolf but it wasn’t. It was a bird and his name was Rudolph. The Rudolph said,”If I hear you talking I will eat you!” and I wanted to get eaten. When we got inside the Music room Rudolph started to eat us. After that Rudolph was going to go home so we said bye to Rudolph and he was off.

Then we all got to play with Mr Y’s jumbo handballs. Then it was time to go so I hopped into the line and we were off to our mums and dads.

Alliana Shiel: We were going to Music. At Music we waited for a long time. Then something was eating the door! I was thinking what was it? It was Rudolph! We weren’t allowed to touch him. Then Mr Y led us in. We sat down in Music and we showed Rudolph how we did Kuyimba. After that Rudolph ate all of us! When he was bored he put his head on his hands. When we were noisy he went away. Then we practised Kuyimba again.

Aaron Newell: I really didn’t want to go to Music. But when we got there, Mr Y said,”I have a visitor today.” I wondered what it would look like. I also wondered what animal it was. Then I saw a head coming out of the door. It looked like a big pelican. His name was Rudolph. He had a green neon beak and he also had an orange body and pink feathers. He was very fun and funny at the same time. Once we got inside, Rudolph said, “I am going to eat you if you are naughty.”  And then he started eating people when they weren’t being naughty! I thought,” This is going to be CRAZY!” Ok…. HE WAS CRAZY!

Kannika Clamp: I was going to Music. I was walking down the path. I was very excited but a green beak snuck out! I thought it was a dog but his name is Rudolph. Rudolph was very funny. It was time to go inside. I walked in the door. Rudolph said, “I eat little children.” Rudolph was very funny because he nibbled on our heads. Then it was time for Rudolph to go. Rudolph waved goodbye. Everyone waved goodbye. Back Rudolph went, away in the cupboard.

Sophie Doyle: Pop! A green beak is chewing on the door. I was confused. Mr Y said his name was Rudolph. He popped his head out from behind the door. Then we saw him! He had very, very, very skinny legs. I’ve never seen a bird with skinny legs. We all went inside and we got to see the rest of him. Rudolph had an orange, bumpy tummy and a pink fluffy scarf. Rudolph said if were naughty he would bite our heads off!

Connor Bound: We saw Rudolph. I said, “What is THAT?’ It was a flamingo. It was green and pink/ He was tall, with long, skinny legs. Then we sang a song to Rudolph. He was funny. Then he went back to the cupboard.

Zane Mueller: Rudolph appeared from the window. I saw his yellow beak. The beak ate my head! Rudolph had rainbow legs. He had pink feathers. Rudolph was funny. Harry and I were laughing. Rudolph laughed. When Rudolph went away, we played with the handballs.

Amelia Higgins: I see a bird? I giggled. I said to Jazz, “I know that was the Music teacher”. The bird Rudolph was funny! I giggled at the teacher. It was funny and he bit my head and I was angry. I did not like it one little bit!

Connor Boss: Rudolph. I guessed who I thought it was… a dog. But it was a flamingo called Rudolph. Rudolph had a big tummy, big legs, a big beak, a big head and big hands. If we talked, he would put his hand under his beak. Rudolph took us on to the Music room, then Rudolph did a dance. Some of laughed, but not the rest of us. Then we sang a song for Rudolph. Then Mr Y put Rudolph away on the cupboard. I said, “Can we play with the handballs?” Mr Y said yes and gave us the handballs.

Jaxon Wishart: We were at Music. I saw Rudolph. He was funny! We went inside the room. Mr Y said we could not touch him. Rudolph likes to eat kids. He had orange and green feathers. I talked and then he pecked at my head! It was fun. We sand Kuyimba and then Rudolph had to go away. I did not want him to go away. We played handball.

Seth Moyle: We all arrived at Music. We all walked inside. Mr Y surprised us. It was Rudolph! He was orange. He was hairy and funny. He had a big hairy tummy, a green beak and lots of feathers. Rudolph was very very funny! He bit everyone’s head!


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