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Readers Cup – all wrapped up!

  • October 30, 2019

Readers Cup – all wrapped up!

The Regional Readers Cup Competition for 2019 has concluded with the Year 7 competition, the final for the year, taking place at Chancellor State College last Thursday 24 October. Our enthusiastic team: Dominique Doolan, Brianna Albrand, Kiera Lerch, Grace Palmer and Meme Lewis took up the challenge of reading 6 books, a total of 1505 pages in preparation for the competition.

From the ‘big reveal’ of the books during Book Week right through to the competition evening, the girls chatted about their favourites and encouraged each other to keep on reading right up to the last minute! These avid readers enjoyed the challenge of reading, setting quiz questions for themselves (and each other) before entering the ‘arena’ of fast questions and even quicker answers pitted against 18 teams from other Schools and Colleges on the Sunshine Coast.  Well done for your team effort and positive attitude during the heats round, gaining some great experience in team collaboration.

Reading by choice is a powerful motivator in a world of so many options. Different authors, titles and genres are selected for each Readers Cup Competition and the excitement and entertainment is enjoyed by participants and spectators alike. Every reader is a winner when they are taken on a journey to undisclosed destinations where they meet quirky, quaint or quarrelsome characters. Students enlarge their worlds, learn to understand different perspectives, grow their vocabulary and get to be part of great conversations. There are so many reasons to get hooked on reading and to participate in Readers Cup!

Congratulations to all the GCC Readers Cup teams for 2019 and well done for taking on the challenge, choosing to read and choosing to grow. All the best as you continue those great story conversations and discover your next great read! All students in Year 6 – 9 keen to join Readers Cup in 2020 can contact Mrs McKellar and Mrs Morris to be on the list to be notified about details for next year’s competitions.

Beryl Morris, Secondary Teacher Librarian

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