Queensland's most innovative school - Glasshouse Christian College

Glasshouse Christian College – named Queensland’s most innovative school

  • March 2, 2018

Glasshouse Christian College – named Queensland’s most innovative school

We are proud to be “Queensland’s most innovative school” and one of the best schools on the Sunshine Coast!

The Courier Mail named Glasshouse Christian College as Queensland’s most innovative school in its headline of a recent feature article!

Journalist Kylie Lang completed a full investigation by contacting the head office of Queensland Education, Queensland Catholic Education and Independent Schools Queensland. Ms Lang asked each of them to recommend several schools within their association that may qualify for the title of Queensland’s most innovative school. From there Ms Lang contacted all the schools on the list and interviewed them on what might qualify them to be called Queensland’s most innovative school. Glasshouse Christian College came out on top because of the way it challenges the traditional education model, the focus on teamwork, problem solving and preparing students for jobs that had not yet been created.

Glasshouse Christian College’s DeLorean Project featured strongly in the final decision. Every Wednesday Year 10 students work in small groups to develop innovative ideas, collaborate with entrepreneurs, solve problems and come up with technologically driven solutions to help community and world problems. One project is called Operation Pyjamas and is an online business that allows people to choose and donate pyjamas to underprivileged children. The students came up with the idea from their time at a soup kitchen and feeding people who were living hard. They saw that many children were sleeping in their school uniforms because they didn’t have a set of pyjamas. The students then researched the project, made a pitch at the GCC Shark Tank, developed the website with a payment portal and collaborated with retail stores for the purchase of sleepwear.

Another program that contributed to Glasshouse Christian College being named as Queensland’s most innovative school is the FUSE and STEM super classes. Older students work with the University of Sunshine Coast researching things like koala vaccines and projects that look into reducing the rate of sudden unexpected infant deaths.

There are 1723 schools in Queensland so Glasshouse Christian College is proud of its title as Queensland’s most innovative school. Among the 12 shortlisted by the Courier Mail were some of the most expensive and salubrious in Queensland. When the journalist asked Glasshouse Christian College what the fees were, she thought the low amount must be just for one term whereas it was for the whole year!

Queensland's most innovative schoolGlasshouse Christian College offers affordable Christian education and has one of the lowest tuition fees in existence for an independent school. Visitors to the GCC website, where the fees are listed clearly for the year ahead, are often surprised to learn that the low tuition fee includes everything except uniforms and optional extra curricular activities like the language trip to France, the cultural trip to Noumea or the mission trip to Fiji. The low fee even includes laptops which are issued to every secondary student to take home and use during term time and most holidays.

Glasshouse Christian College is one of the best schools on the Sunshine Coast; a Prep to Year 12 Primary and High School on one spacious campus. GCC has dedicated buses to most surrounding suburbs and is only a ten minute walk from the train station.

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