Primary News 2 November 2018 - Glasshouse Christian College

Primary News 2 November 2018

  • November 1, 2018

Primary News 2 November 2018

The first of the weekly Donuts and Discussions (D&D) was held last week and the photo is a reflection of the response from the students. This is simply a “treat” and some students preferred the Popper and a different choice. Fruit will be another option in the weeks to come.

The next D & D will be Friday 9 November as next Thursday will be Primary Cafe.


Over the last week we have been interviewing Year 5 students who have nominated for 2019 Captains’ positions.

This has been such an encouraging time for those of us who were on the panel. The process is somewhat different for each of these captain positions depending on the role itself.

The panel was amazed at the way students who nominated were able to articulate the reasons for applying for the positions and what skills and abilities each would bring.

In the interviews we asked a number of questions to hear the candidates’ opinions and feedback on certain aspects of the Primary College and what ideas they had (if any) to make the College a better school in the area they had nominated for. To be honest, we felt that some of these ideas were really worth considering and we appreciated the way that they openly shared their thoughts.

This was a wonderful example of “Student Voice” where we could listen to the opinions of the students and give them an opportunity to share their thoughts on different issues and situations through the eyes of a student.

The process is still underway and will conclude with the announcement of all the captains at the Year 6 Graduation. However after Week 6, parents of students who have secured a Captains’ position for 2019 will be notified so they can be present at the Year 6 Graduation.

Cheryl Bryers, Head of Primary

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