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Prep to Year 2 Cross Country

  • September 15, 2020

Prep to Year 2 Cross Country

Students were either cheering, left sweaty after their race, or running as fast as their legs would take them through our new Cross Country course. 

The rain held off to create some cooler running weather, the music was pumping and everyone was excited to see the runners race. With the new course layout, we were able to see racers start with a bang then disappear behind the trees and pop out the other side with often some rapid place changes. Students did a quick weave back through the trees of our Eastern oval before heading up around our pond at the back corner of the school. Students finished with a lap of the oval which allowed everyone to get alongside them and cheer them through to the finish. 

Once again we are able to offer a Race Day Video that will have some great footage of the event. This will be shared soon via the College’s social media accounts. 

The winners of each year level race are as follows:  

Year Boys Girls 
Prep 1. Kaelan Kaara 1. Peytence Form
2. Zachary Stevens 2. Lilly Freeman
3. Josh Davis3. Aiesha Briggs 
Year 11. Ethan Doyle 1. Karla Sahic 
2. Brax Lindsay 2. Chloe Thornton 
3. Dylan Townsend 3. Imogen Collins 
Year 21. Cooper Ints 1. Corbie McNiel 
2. Jett Smith 2. Ella McKenzie 
3. Charlie Barons3. Hadley Smith 

After all the house points were tallied up in the final minutes of the day, the house team results are:

3rd – Zion with 108 points
2rd – Sinai with 128 points 
1st – Ararat with 148 points

Josh Bennett

See more photos on our Facebook page.

For those who have registered for Pixevety, you can see all the photos here.

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