New Agricultural Program at GCCC - Glasshouse Christian College

New Agricultural Program at GCCC

  • February 5, 2014

New Agricultural Program at GCCC

It has started! The Agricultural Science program has now been launched and is offering some very enthusiastic Year 11 students the opportunity of a lifetime! Not only is the schools holistic agricultural science subject taught at a real working farm in an idyllic location, it is rich in authentic science content for students working towards gaining an OP score.

The first day has already seen students hitting the books hard learning about plant anatomy and physiology. A break in the intense learning has provided opportunities for students to take leaf tissue samples of ginger for nutrient analyses and some more practical farming duties such as fencing and feeding stock.

To ensure that the Agricultural Science course truly reflects the local rural industry, it is also aiming to involve local community experts from various industries to be apart of the program. This truly is a most exciting new venture, and it is hoped that it provides the next generation with authentic practical and academic knowledge of the agricultural industry.

Jade King

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