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National Simultaneous Storytime

  • May 23, 2024

National Simultaneous Storytime

This week we celebrated National Simultaneous Storytime (NSS) by reading Bowerbird Blues by Australian Author/Illustrator Aura Parker. What a delight to take part in this shared experience, reading the same book, at the same time, across the nation! There were 2,341,490 participants in 21,000 locations reading the story simultaneously, savouring Parker’s amazing illustrations that beautifully capture the satin bowerbird’s quest for all things blue.

Selected for its engaging content and alignment with the National Curriculum, Bowerbird Blues lent itself perfectly to a celebration of reading, creativity, and community. In the lead up to NSS, a series of activities based on the book were organised. The endpapers of the picture book introduce the bowerbird in an urban setting and finish with a celebration of his journey after he discovers what he’s been missing in his life. The ‘Can you find these?’ treasure hunts were challenging and fun, bringing friends together to complete them. Along the way, as the satin bowerbird’s collection grows, it results in his bower dominated by plastic caps, straws, and tags, inviting readers to reflect on environmental pollution and its challenges.

Students showcased their creativity by decorating bookmarks, learning how to draw birds, and making balancing birds, developing both their creative and fine motor skills. The Year 5 & 6 Readers Cup team had a blast with the Chocolate Game, adding a layer of excitement to one of their weekly team meetings. Two standout activities included the Bowerbird Blues Scavenger Hunt in the Library Hub and a Story Walk on the Library Lawn, with Year 3-6 students and Library Monitors volunteering their time to assist.

The Story Walk paired younger students with older buddies for a guided experience, fostering a sense of community, as the older students read the story or encouraged the younger students to retell parts of the story. Bowerbird Blues inspired our imagination and fostered a love of God’s creation, making it an ideal choice for NSS this year. NSS is a highlight on the calendar we always look forward to. This year’s book choice made it one of our favourites.

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Vanessa Mc Kellar, Head of Library Services

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