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Library News Term 2 Week 8 – Parent Library

  • June 13, 2019

Library News Term 2 Week 8 – Parent Library

Over the last two weeks the P & F have run mental health and wellbeing sessions for parents/caregivers and students in Years 5-8. To support these events we have gathered a wide selection of books from our Parenting section for display in the library. We encourage the College community to borrow these and to see the library staff if you require information on a particular topic.

The GCC Parent Library is located on the library shelves near the Mac Circle and includes a range of titles that offer positive parenting tips for raising happy and resilient children and teenagers. The collection includes topics on child and adolescent development, relationships, behavioural issues and learning needs, as well as grief and bereavement. The College community can borrow these titles for a period of two weeks and this period can be extended upon request.

One of the newest titles we have added is called Everyday Resilience by Michelle Mitchell. Check out the details below about it:

Message from Michelle: If you have ever wondered how to help your child navigate friendship dramas, handle academic pressures, discover their talents or overcome anxiety, this book is for you. This book will help you turn your child’s everyday challenges into moments that build resilience. Written for both primary and high school aged children (6-17), this book has a special focus on school based issues. As a former school teacher I know that these issues either make or break our children’s resilience levels.  And there is so much more we can do to help them navigate the “small knocks” that come our children’s way.

I’ll answer questions like:  

  • How are children taught resilience?
  • What do all resilient children have in common?
  • How can I help my child handle social disappointments well?
  • How do I help my child choose good friends?
  • How do I help my child handle meanness and gossip with confidence?
  • How do I best support a child who is struggling academically?
  • How can I help a cautious child try new things?
  • What has resilience got to do with sibling rivalry?
  • How do I help my child be more grateful and appreciate their life?
  • How can I best empower my child/children for their future?

This book is accompanied by the Everyday Resilience Journal: A pre-teens guide to friendships, schoolwork and growing up which is also available in the library or for purchase via Michelle’s website.

Vanessa McKellar

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