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Library News 23 November 2018

  • November 22, 2018

Library News 23 November 2018

Literacy Pro Results: We recently celebrated the amazing Lit Pro achievements of our Year 3-6 classes. Students have been diligently reading across the year to work towards set goals to improve their reading and comprehension scores. In total, students have read 24129 books and read 100,773,511 words! Special thanks to parents and staff who have helped achieve this fantastic result. It’s also important to acknowledge that our Year 7-9 students have contributed to this combined total. A phenomenal effort that only comes with consistent effort and regular reading.

Final Primary Literacy Pro points will be tallied on Friday 30 November for the last round of certificates. In Week 8 and 9 students are encouraged to continue reading via LitPro eBooks and Short Read cards in class. Students can continue reading and quizzing until the end of December, but the platform will be reset at the start of 2019 for students to start earning points again when they return to school and complete their first LitPro test.

The following students recently received a Principal’s Literacy Award at Assembly for demonstrating the highest Lexile growth or points achieved during Semester 2.

Highest Growth Per Class
3G Bella Campbell
3M Grahson Turner
3W Molly Brown
4G Ben Beavis
4M Talia Bullock
4W Charlotte Albrand
5G Charli Clegg
5M Sam Porfiri
5W Rachael Little
6G Bronson Treloar
6M Lachlan Weatherburn
6W Mark Bell
Highest Points Per Class
3G Archie Cruise
3M Annabelle Greig
3W Brent Tomokino
4G Lachlan Wood
4M Jarrett Coulson
4W Chelsea Brown
5G Vinn Rogers
5M Jasper Menkens
5W Euan Caldwell
6G Thomas Quinn
6M Jayden Neideck
6W Keira Lerch
Highest Points per Year Level
Year 3 Archie Cruise – 503
Year 4 Jarrett Coulson – 968
Year 5 Jasper Menkens – 306
Year 6 Keira Lerch – 518

Book Club – Special Thanks

Book Club Issue 8 items will be arriving at the College shortly to be delivered to students by the end of term. Many thanks for your valued support of the Scholastic Book Club throughout the year. Your purchases have enabled us to earn commission to order new titles and increase our library collection. It has also helped to promote a love of reading at GCC. Extra special thanks to the amazing team of volunteers led by Shondra Briton who regularly sorted, stapled and delivered orders throughout the year.

Year 3 Coding

Code Club is currently running in the library weekly for Year 3 students. Teachers nominated students and this term we trialled running it with a larger group, with 28 students being selected to participate. Students have been eager to attend every week and have completed a huge number of Scratch projects with many starting to create their own educational projects to share with their peers. The exciting news is that all Year 3 students have now been invited to sign up so that they can explore coding with Scratch over the coming weeks as the year draws to a close. We are excited to see what they can achieve and how our existing Code Clubbers can support and encourage them.

The aim of Code Club is to provide a platform where students can explore and create interactive stories, games and animations using coding. Coding is becoming an essential skill in our rapidly changing world and strengthens students’ problem solving skills, encouraging critical and creative thinking. Scratch teaches the basics of coding by working through a range of creative projects that progress from simple to more challenging tasks. The Scratch platform is free to join and a great way to start coding, providing self-paced tutorials for anyone interested in exploring it. It’s a brilliant way to engage students online and worth exploring as a holiday activity if you’re looking for opportunities. For more details go to

Book Returns Reminder

Please note the following dates for end of year procedures. Prompt return of items is expected and assists the library team as we prepare resources for the start of next year. Please note that items lost or damaged beyond repair will incur a replacement cost. If items are paid for and later found we are happy to reimburse these costs.

Primary Return Dates

Prep – Year 6: All items, including home readers are due back Friday 23 November (Week 7).

Year 5 students can return their Music texts following their performance on Wednesday 28 November (Week 8).

Secondary Return Dates

Years 7 and 8: Students will be returning items during Week 8. The final date for returns is Friday 30 November.

Year 9: Laptops and chargers will be returned on Thursday 29 November and students will be issued with their new device for Year 10 provided they have a functional protective case for the new laptop. Library and textbook loans will be returned earlier in the week during a Pastoral Care class.  All outstanding loans need to be returned before Friday 30 November.

Years 10 and 11: All textbook and library loans are due back before Friday 30 November. Students are encouraged to return their books at the end of their exam block. Each student will receive an email with a list of current loans so that they are aware of all the items to be returned.

Please contact Mrs McKellar or Mrs Morris at the library or via email at or if you have any queries about library or textbook loan returns.

See you in the library.

Vanessa McKellar and Beryl Morris, Teacher Librarians

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