Library News 16 November 2018 - Glasshouse Christian College

Library News 16 November 2018

  • November 15, 2018

Library News 16 November 2018

End of Year Return Dates: Thank you to our Year 12 students and families for assisting with final book and device returns. Families will be notified of any outstanding items. Please note the dates below for all other year levels. Support with end of year book returns is greatly appreciated as prompt return of items assists the library team to assess and prepare resources for the coming year.

Primary: Prep – Year 6: Library items, including home readers are due back Friday 23 November in Week 7. Year 5 Music Workbook return dates to be confirmed shortly.

Secondary: Years 7 and 8: Students will be returning items during Week 8. The final date for returns is Friday 30 November.      

Year 9: Laptops and chargers will be returned on Thursday 29 November in Week 8 and students will be issued with their new device for Year 10 provided they have a functional protective case for the new laptop. Library and textbook loans will be returned earlier in the week during a Pastoral Care class. All outstanding loans need to be returned before Friday 30 November.

Years 10 and 11: All textbook and library loans are due back before Friday 30 November in Week 8. Students will receive an email in Week 7 with a list of current loans so that they are aware of all items to be returned.

Small but Loud Voices

Congratulations to the following students who’ve been selected to have their work published in the 2018 Small but Loud Voices Anthology:


Brent Tomokino – Year 3
Chloe Roulston – Year 3
Lillian Smyth – Year 4
Kaitlin Morris – Year 6
Euan Caldwell – Year 5


Amelia King – Year 10
Kirra Dodwell – Year 11
Jessica Perro – Year 11
Casey Woods – Year 11

Earlier this year a number of students from GCC attended the Voices on the Coast Literature Festival. Each year to celebrate the Festival a book called Small But Loud Voices is published to showcase young writers’ work from across the Sunshine Coast. The anthology is a compilation of poetry, narrative and illustrative works. The book will be published this year and be available for sale at this link.

Please note we have been notified by the producers of this publication that the 2017 anthology is still yet to be published and may be combined with the 2018 entries. Special thanks to families who have patiently waited for this.

See you in the library.

Vanessa McKellar and Beryl Morris, Teacher Librarians


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