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  • March 13, 2013
Last fortnight saw us begin our new theme “What’s in my food?” in Kitchen Garden. We are focusing on learning about the ‘hidden’ things in many of our foods bought from the supermarkets. Classes have been learning about sugar and how much of it is hidden in our foods. Many children (and parents) were both amazed and shocked to learn that many of the popular children’s breakfast cereals contain five teaspoons of sugar per 50 gram serve whilst slushies contain a whopping 16 teaspoons of sugar! The Coles Baby and Toddler Club recommends toddlers have no more than eight teaspoons of sugar per day and that women do not exceed 12.
We are very fortunate to have Skye Ryall helping out in Kitchen Garden this year. Skye is in her final research semester of a Nutrition and Dietetics Degree and brings some very valuable and educational facts to our Kitchen Garden program. Skye is able to provide dietary advice to you and your family and is available to discuss and develop healthy eating plans on either an individual or family group basis. She can be contacted on 0459 376015 or email
The rain keeps on coming, our plantings are way behind schedule and the only thing growing with any success in the garden at the moment are the weeds. Classes have been kept very busy pulling them out. It is a never-ending task at the moment.
We have planted some carrot, spinach, kohl rabi and broccoli seeds and are hoping they wont get washed away.
Cooks made some healthy mini vegetable frittatas. The recipe can be found in ‘Cooking Creations’ and these are great for lunch boxes.
Mandy Ward, Kitchen Garden Coordinator

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