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Kitchen Garden News

  • April 29, 2019

Kitchen Garden News

WANTED: Picture tea towels. We are needing to make new aprons for our Master Chef’s so are looking for donations of picture tea towels to use. Everyone has one kicking around in their tea towel drawer. Perhaps you picked one up in Uluru, or at the Big Pineapple or on your trip to Greece. Maybe a tea towel with puppies or birds? We are looking for lots of colour and fun to make our aprons look amazing! If you have one or some to donate please drop them into the admin office and ask them to pop them in Mrs Ward’s pigeon hole.

Our Master Chefs made Anzac biscuits in the first Kitchen Garden lesson of the term. We learned the history behind the famous biscuit before sampling the chef’s efforts.

Green thumbs have been busy weeding and mulching the gardens and they are looking ship-shape! Radishes, eggplant and small capsicum have been harvested and we are looking forward to the snow-peas being ready. New passionfruit vines have also been planted.

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