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Kitchen Garden News

  • April 24, 2013
The garden beds have certainly been enjoying the sunshine over the past week or so as have our happy little gardeners. Seedlings which have struggled with too much water are now beginning to flourish and grow. Classes have planted potatoes, beetroot, silverbeet and bok choy as well as many flower seedlings into the adopt-a garden beds. Ironically, our struggle now is to keep the water up to the seedlings so they don’t shrivel.
We have begun to learn about the food pyramid and which food groups we should eat most of and which foods we should eat less of. We will continue to learn more about healthy choices over the next few lessons.
Classes were very interested in the history of our own national biscuit; the ANZAC biscuit. We learnt that the biscuits were first made during World War I by the women of Australia and sent overseas to the soldiers so they could have some extra nutrition in their diets (which were very poor). The biscuits had to travel a long way and would often take many months to reach the soldiers so they had to be made with ingredients that did not spoil and go stale or mouldy. ANZAC biscuits do not contain eggs to bind them and, as many poultry farmers had gone to war, eggs were scarce so the omission of eggs also meant that the biscuits would keep for longer.
The cooks then made a batch of the tasty biscuits; however we didn’t get to see how well they kept as they were devoured very quickly with not a crumb left!
Until next time, happy gardening and cooking,
Mandy Ward, Kitchen Garden Coordinator
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