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How do you get kids to eat cabbage?

  • August 31, 2017

How do you get kids to eat cabbage? You make the delicious cabbage rolls that our junior chefs created this fortnight. Fresh cabbage from the garden was steamed then the leaves were filled and rolled with a tasty chicken, rice and herb stuffing and then smothered in tomato passata…..yum! The recipe is from the “Cooking Creations” cookbook. Here is a photo of the recipe from the cookbook.

Gardeners have harvested lots of juicy red strawberries, crunchy snow peas and crispy cos lettuce.

We have planted beetroot, beans, shallots and celery into the beds and corn and bean seeds into punnets. Our citrus and fruit trees have received a feed of fertiliser in readiness for flowering time. The warmer weather also means it’s time for the bugs to show up in droves…some good, some bad. Lookout for aphids, they were in plague proportions on the citrus at school, so a good spray of white oil was needed.

Mandy Ward, Kitchen Garden Convenor




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