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Helping Hands update

  • August 23, 2022

Helping Hands update

Look what we did!

The children have been making forts down at the oval and creating safe spaces for them to enjoy. Tex and Cooper were digging a mound and said, ‘We are looking for gold, just like a gold mine’. The girls were making a fairy house and they were all playing a part to create the house.

Now, before school, the children have been eager to showcase performances. Each group had an idea that they would like to showcase. Leo, Lachlan and Zara made loose parts items into instruments, and they performed We will rock you by Queen Leo said, ‘That is my absolute favourite song and it’s my dad’s too.’ Arya and Harper wanted to read, they were acting out the voices in the stories and pretended to be teachers.

Guess Who?

Another popular game the children have been doing is Guess who I am. This has encouraged other children to play with each other who don’t normally interact during afterschool club. This was a wonderful thing to witness and show a real bond with the group of peers. Cooper said, ‘I wrote Cat as I know Brandt is younger than me so it made it easier for him to play’ (16.8.22)

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