Great results for French students at MLTAQ Speech Contest - Glasshouse Christian College

Great results for French students at MLTAQ Speech Contest

  • August 29, 2019

Great results for French students at MLTAQ Speech Contest

Successful results were achieved for French by our College at the University of the Sunshine Coast annual MLTAQ speech contest on Sunday 25 August. This year, 580 students from 43 schools competed in seven languages from Years 3-12. It was an excellent event raising the profile of languages on the Sunshine Coast.

A big congratulations to all the following students of French who participated in this exciting language event: Zali Fullerton, Jade Fullerton, Micah Mathews-Frederick, Aimee Augustin, Amelia Hughes, Jackson Mueller, Lillian Smyth, Isabella Buckland, Lotty Kelly, Aimee Cullen, Charles Atkinson, Elizabeth Walters, Madeleine Mullins, Amilyah Harrison and Amelie Mullins for showcasing their French. Also, a big thank you to their parents and families who supported this worthwhile yearly event organised by the Multicultural Language Teacher’s Association of Queensland. 

The students from our College presented their rehearsed French speeches before French judges and they were then questioned in French by judges and answered in French to show their understanding of the language. It was an exciting as well as nerve-racking experience for some students, in what is a very competitive event, but in which our students did our College proud and were clearly beaming with joy and excitement as they accepted well-deserved medals and certificates. It was an exceptionally great day especially for Madeleine Mullins (Year 7) and Amelie Mullins (Year 9) who both took the first place in their categories. 

Congratulations, therefore, to all our participating students and a huge shout-out to our place winners below:

Year 3: 3rd place Jade Fullerton
Year 4: 2nd place Jackson Mueller, and Highly Commended to both Aimee Augustin and Amelia Hughes
Year 5: Highly Commended Lillian Smyth
Year 6: 3rd place Aimee Cullen and Highly Commended to Charles Atkinson
Year 7: 1st place Madeleine Mullins and Highly Commended Amyliah Harrison
Year 9: 1st place Amelie Mullins

We are extremely thankful for the demonstrated appreciation of the French language.

Tuija Hast and Nadine Hammill

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