Great day at Tee Ball - Glasshouse Christian College

Great day at Tee Ball

  • March 21, 2018

Great day at Tee Ball

Three teams of Year 4 students represented GCC at the inaugural Tee Ball Gala Day hosted by Softball Queensland. What a fantastic day it was – lots of action, teamwork and fun as students put into practise the skills they have learned during the term in PE lessons.

Our teams excelled with Team 1 winning the Junior Competition and Team 2 placing second. Our third team narrowly lost one game and finished in 4th place. The students often batted the ball into the outfield, caught high balls and had safe hands on the bases. The game play and communication in the teams improved with every game with each player learning their own role but also helping others to judge where to throw the ball when under pressure.

The day was fast paced with every player batting in each innings before moving into the field. Players rotated through fielding positions in every innings so that each player experienced each fielding position. It was great to see the excitement on faces as the students zoomed around the bases to score a home run. The cheers of their team mates encouraged them on but one eye was always on the position of the ball so they were not beaten by it to the base.

What a great day this was and truly enjoyed by everyone. It was great to have lots of parents supporting the teams and also Mr Cooper, Mrs Boroughs and Mrs Stott overseeing the teams.

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