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GCC’s creative hub needs your recycled materials

  • June 20, 2023

GCC’s creative hub needs your recycled materials

Our Monday afternoon Creative Hub is after recycled materials for wearable art and other assemblage projects.

Do you have any items lying around that could find new life in the hands of our talented artists? We are specifically seeking clean and usable materials that can we can transform into remarkable works of wearable art. Your contributions will play a vital role in fueling the creativity of our aspiring creators, and we couldn’t be more grateful for your support.

We are after anything small or that can be cut into smaller pieces that we can repurpose for our art projects. Whether it’s bottle caps, bread tags, corks, coffee pods, unusable hardware, soda bottles, milk bottles, or any other recyclable gems you may have tucked away, we welcome them all! Let’s give these discarded treasures a chance to shine in the hands of our inspired students.

To ensure a smooth process and maintain a clean environment for our student artists, we kindly ask that all donations be thoroughly cleaned before being brought to us. This simple step helps us create a safe and hygienic space where creativity can flourish. By providing us with clean materials, you are supporting Monday’s Creative Hub and instilling a sense of responsibility and sustainability in our young creators.

Please bring what you have collected to F1 at the start of Term 3. Your help will be greatly appreciated by the students as they begin to create unique wearable art. 

Katrina Wilson, Secondary Teacher

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