Future Pathways 20 February 2015 - Glasshouse Christian College

Future Pathways 20 February 2015

  • February 19, 2015

Future Pathways 20 February 2015

Projects Abroad 2015/16

The High School Projects are a jam-packed two week group trip with students from all over Australia, New Zealand and around the globe. Students in Year 10 and 11 can choose to join the groups individually or with friends.
The volunteer trips will run this summer from 6 December to the 19 December 2015 and 3 January to the 16 January 2016 in Cambodia, Fiji, Sri Lanka, Nepal and the Philippines.
The projects are a rich mixture of volunteer work and cultural activities, so you can really get to know the country you’re in!
For more information visit Future Pathways under Connect ‘Gap/Volunteer’ and select Projects Abroad 2015/16.

Traineeships & Apprenticeships

Traineeships available: – Cert III in Hospitality at Bombay Bliss

Useful points of contact for up to date information on available traineeships can be found on the websites of East Coast Apprenticeships, Busy at Work, Target Training and Community Solutions (previously known as Acclaim).

The Sunshine Coast Trade Training Centre will be recruiting Sheet metal apprentices in the next few weeks. Contact Katie Steele Ph. 0731440603, Mob 0477155794.

Try a Trade Day for Girls

Try a Trade Day for Girls 9 March 2015. This will be at the Sunshine Coast Technical Trade Training Centre (SCTTTC) for Year 9-11. Interested students should contact the Future Pathways Department. Deadline for return of these forms to Future Pathways office is Thursday 26 February 2015 in order to meet the deadline with SCTTTC.

Work Experience Year 10

Work Experience involves rigorous curriculum work studies preparation.
These preparation lessons include: –

What is Work Experience; Personal Presentation and Communication Workplace Induction; Workplace Health and Safety; Workplace Bullying and Sexual Harassment, How to phone an employer and set up an interview. Healthy Attitudes in the workplace i.e. being proactive and taking the initiative. What comprises a ‘Work Experience Logbook’?

Both the College and Sustainable Partnerships do work experience evaluation and feedback will be given to parents on the Year 10 night scheduled for 13 May 2015.

2 March 2015. Visit from Sustainable Partnerships Australia. Sunshine Coast Head of SPA Geoff Timm and Liz Walker will give a presentation.

Students will obtain their work experience placement at this time. They won’t change unless there are extenuating circumstances. They will also be given the Work Experience Agreement forms on that day. Students must promptly obtain the signatures of their parent/caregiver and the employer.

It is advisable that students make contact with the employer for an induction interview soon after receiving their placement. At that interview they obtain the signature of the employer on the Work Experience Agreement Form.

The FORM MUST BE RETURNED TO MR NASH and/or MRS PARKER at the FUTURE PATHWAYS OFFICE by Thursday 19 March 2015, so the Principal Mr Curtis can sign the forms. These forms are then retained for our records.


GCCC Traineeships

The College as an employer so far this year has signed up trainees in the IT Department and PE Departments. The Future Pathways Department is extremely appreciative of the College’s recurrent commitment, as the employer to traineeships in these two departments. Traineeship sign ups additional to these in 2015 have included, one in optical dispensary, electrical and one in diesel mechanics.

The success of a traineeship is dependent on a range of factors. Clearly it should be related to career aspirations, student motivation, a student’s willingness to follow instructions, meet deadlines, and positive work ethic.

It also involves collaborating with staff and peers on work missed at College. It also involves anticipating and the foresight of commitments in Year 12 when a sign up takes place in Years 10 and 11. This involves student self-responsibility and well-developed skills of self-organisation.

Early intervention is critical for successful outcomes with school based traineeships and apprenticeships. If parents are concerned about the progress of a traineeship, they should contact the employer, trainer and the College. Parents are key stakeholders in the traineeship process and it is very important that any concerns are addressed early.

Paul Nash, Future Pathways Co-ordinator

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