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Fun in Lifehouse

  • September 9, 2020

Fun in Lifehouse

Friday lunchtime is usually a time allocated for our Senior students to come to the Lifehouse to explore faith.  However, last Friday the College Pastors opened the Lifehouse to the Senior students to come in for some fun and just hangout. Working alongside our Year 12 College Leaders we managed to turn the Pastors Lifehouse into a makeshift gaming arcade. With special thanks going out to those students who generously loaned their personal gaming consoles from home.  

We had students bowling, playing tennis, basketball, soccer and dancing just to name a few of the activities. When this was combined with music, and free food and drinks it turned out to be the ultimate hangout space. After a year that has turned out to be more challenging than any of us could have expected, the purpose of the hangout was to try and increase student morale. If the cheers and laughter coming from the room were anything to go by you could say the goal was achieved. It is important to us as Pastors that students know they are all welcome in the Lifehouse. Our role is to serve the entire student community regardless of whether they identify as Christian or not. With over 100 students attending the hangout, we believe this event turned out to be a wonderful success.  

Donna Newell, College Pastor

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