French Food and Croquet at Glasshouse Christian College

French food and croquet

  • October 5, 2017

Delicious French food for our students!

Students from 7W French worked exceptionally well during Term 3. They have been learning about rooms found in a typical home and objects found in those rooms. Students were really creative for their first assessment when it was time to produce their own personal home plans.
Year 7W students were also challenged to present a short speech in French which they performed above expectation.
To celebrate all these successes, Mrs Beattie took her students to the back of the oval for their last lesson for Term 3 to taste French food and play croquet. It was a beautiful sunny day and everyone enjoyed sampling a slice of brioche and smiley pancakes made by Mrs Beattie. The game of French croquet got taken very seriously and things got quickly super competitive for some teams. You can tell by looking at some of these pictures!
Welcome back to all French students and enjoy the ride for Term 4!
Valerie Beattie

Valerie Beattie

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