Fine running at Primary Cross Country - Glasshouse Christian College

Fine running at Primary Cross Country

  • May 10, 2017

Fine running at Primary Cross Country

After a wet end of term, it was great to see some fine weather for the Year 3 to 11-year-old Cross Country. Students had been training hard for this day in the Boot Camp challenge although two weeks holiday would test their fitness. Tents were decorated and voices ready for War Cry battles as students poured onto the Beerwah Bulldogs oval ready to run.

Sinai was judged the loudest and most impressive in the War Cry Sound Off and took the maximum points. Ararat placed second and Zion were a very close third after everyone vocal chords had a very intense workout. Now it was time for the legs and lungs to have a workout. The tent decorating and all day cheering competition was won by Ararat with Zion second and Sinai in third.

The 8-year-olds were the first age group to run with these students competing over 1500m. They took off at great speed and some continued this speed for most of the race. Charlotte Albrand glided over the course and won closely followed by Lizzy Elimelech, Jolie Veit was also not far behind these two in third. Hayden Cullen dominated the boys race creating a huge lead on the rest of the field finishing 30 seconds in front of Harry Bound and Fraser Palmer who had a great sprint to the line for second place.

Jasmine Hazelden and Ben Ramke emerged from the 9 yr races as leaders after running their 2km course. All the students in these young age groups ran with determination and also encouraged each other along the way.

In the 10-year-old races Jared Moss dominated his race going straight to the lead although Lachlan McGilvray and Max Cashin did a good job of trying to keep in touch early. Chloe Turnbull, Dominique Doolan and Keira Lerch also had a fantastic race with these girls running together for some of the race. Chloe established a clear lead towards the second half of the course but Dominique and Keira sprinted to the finish line with Dominique just beating Keira.

Olivia McKenzie looked strong and fit as she ran a very determined race to win the 11 yr girls race by over 30 seconds. Meg Jarvis and Islah-Dwyer also had great races to finish second and third respectively.

There was drama in the 11 yr boys race when the lead bike took the leading runner off course. Fortunately the remainder of the field ran the course correctly and the error was partly fixed but this left the result in question. Christian Lucas ran very strongly at the font of the race and finished as the winner with Keiran Robertson the first to finish of the boys who ran the correct course. After much investigation first place was given to both Christian and Keiran with Jai Milo in second and Tommy Rauter in third. Lachlan McGilvray ran strongly to hold out Jaymes Roser after Tommy managed to ease past Lachlan as they approached the finishing straight. This is a very competitive age group and some fantastic racing was seen between the first six finishers. Fitness was the deciding factor and Keiran’s twice weekly Early Morning Cross Country training paid off to gain the victory over the pack.

Lilli-Jean Cruise ran an amazing race in the 12 year girls to win, over a minute clear of Chelsea Breen and Ella Childs. Nathan Kennedy also created a large lead on the field to win the 12 boys race ahead of Mattai Elimelech and Bryce Sambrook. Noah Moss was unable to race as he was at a Regional AFL trial.

These students along with the 12 yr placegetters will represent GCC at the Glasshouse District Cross Country Championships where GCC will try to regain the title of District Champions. 12 year placegetters were Noah Moss, Nathan Kennedy, Mattai Elimelech, Lilli-Jean Cruise, Chelsea Breen and Ella Childs. They will be joined by Bryce Sambrook, Chelsea Lewis and Lainey Grieve at the District competition.

All students tried their best to keep running for the entire race demonstrating their improved fitness. The 12-year-old students in Year 6 cheered every runner on as they helped as marshals on the course. Teachers and parents were also great support to the runners along the course and close to the finish line. The goosebumps rose each time the mighty cheers erupted from house tents as house runners raced towards the finish line egged on by enthusiastic team mates. Teams race points were sorted after with every runner gaining important points for the team. Sinai and Zion were teams race winners winning three teams races each with Ararat winning two.

The overall points from the Yr 3 – 11 year old carnival saw Ararat winning with 218 points from Sinai on 185 points and Zion with 171 points. These points will be added to all other year level points to find the Overall GCC Cross Country Champion House.

Age First Teams Winner (House) Team runners
8 Yr Girls 1 Charlotte Albrand

2 Elishaba Elimilech

3 Jolie Veit

Zion 1 Charlotte Albrand

2 Ebony Budge

3Talia Bullock

8 Yr Boys 1 Hayden Cullen

2 Harry Bound

3 Fraser Palmer

Zion 1 Harry Bound

2 Connor Caldwell

3 Luca Cobb

9 yr Girls 1 Jasmine Hazelden

2 Hannah Gassner

3 Saskia Hallink

Ararat 1 Hannah Gassner

2 Saskia Hallink

3 Lillian Smyth

4 Mia Gregson

9 yr Boys 1 Ben Ramke

2 Jordan Dalleau

3 Israel Lucas

Ararat 1 Benjamin Ramke

2 Jordan Dalleau

3 Oliver Thornton

4 Ashton Flint

10 yr Girls 1 Chloe Turnbull

2 Dominique Doolan

3 Keira Lerch

Sinai 1 Dominique Doolan

2 Makayla Blinston

3 Bronte Brannigan

4 Maja Blackmore

10 yr Boys 1 Jared Moss

2 Jacob McGilvray

3 Max Cashin

Zion 1 Jared Moss

2 Ethan Scheiwe

3 Jake O’Grady

4 Jarob Keeble

11 yr Girls 1 Olivia McKenzie

2 Meg Jarvis

3 Islah-Lyleigh Dwyer

Sinai 1 Olivia Mckenzie

2 Islah-Lyleigh Dwyer

3 Eleanor Robertson

4 Laura Coumi

11 yr Boys 1 Christian Lucas

1 Keiran Robertson

2 Jai Milo

3 Tommy Rauter

Sinai 1 Christian Lucas

2 Kieran Robertson

3 Tristan Hazelden

4 Jayden Neideck

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