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Fantastic softball experience

  • March 26, 2020

Fantastic softball experience

Softball is a fantastic game which our Year 5 and 6 students enjoy learning and playing in Term 1 each year. Some have never played it before but find that it is a fantastic sport which is fun but also technical to play at a high level. 

Three of our students took their softball experience to the next level when they trialled and were selected in the Glasshouse District Team to compete at the Sunshine Coast Regional Championships last week. Archie Cruise, Israel Lucas and Claire Broderick competed against students from other districts and their teams were very successful throughout the carnival. 

Claire’s girls’ team dominated the round robin play winning all of their games comfortably and progressing to the finals as favourites. However, in the final they met a very determined Redcliffe team who they had previously beaten well. It was a tight game with some great softball being played and Redcliffe won the game putting Glasshouse in the runner up position. Claire really enjoyed her second year in this team and made some great friends.

Archie and Israel were also members of the very strong Glasshouse District boy’s team. The boys played really well in the qualifying rounds convincingly beating all teams except Redcliffe. They met Redcliffe again in the final but Redcliffe were too strong for Glasshouse. The boys put up a great fight and played some great softball but Redcliffe were too strong. Archie enjoyed playing in shortstop and outfield positions and Israel played mostly in the outfield position. They both learned a great deal from being in this team and Archie is young enough to play in this team again next year. 

Wendy Stott

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