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Faithfulness – quality of excellent leadership

  • August 10, 2017

Faithfulness – quality of excellent leadership

Faithfulness is an important quality of excellent leadership.This can be seen when a leader consistently and willingly goes about their tasks (and often more than their allotted role) not only without complaint but well. For these last two reasons, often the faithful leader doesn’t draw attention to themselves and the jobs they do seem to happen without an understanding from others about the work and sometimes sacrifices they have made. It’s encouraging to see this trait often in our students. In particular, the Middle School Student leaders have faithfully led this term’s Legacy Cup event – Challenge of the Minds; as well as preparing for THE Middle School Event (note it has a name change from ‘Messy Games’) and a fundraiser for Fiji. It has been a pleasure to be a part of their leadership of these events.

Year 8 students will be asked, over the next few weeks, to consider if they are interested in holding a formal Middle School leadership role next year. It’s an honor and a privilege to be chosen to lead. As with all responsibilities, while there is great reward in the task it’s also a role that needs to be taken on with a full understanding of the commitment it entails – and faithful leadership!

Assembly – Awards and Legacy Cup

This term’s Legacy Cup Event was a Challenge of the Minds competition held during Assembly time. The Middle School leaders organised and hosted the proceedings. After three rounds, the first utilising a few representatives, the second round pitting the teachers against the students and the last one involving the entire team, Ararat placed first with Sinai and Zion close runners-up.

There were several awards and certificates presented at this assembly. 

THE Middle School Event will be held on the last day of term. It will replace normal sport time but the rest of the day will be normal classes. Students will be expected to wear their house shirts and should only be affected by water – so there is no need to worry about stained shirts. It will be a challenge involving cardboard boxes. The leaders would welcome any donation of cardboard boxes.

High Tea – after school optional event for Year 8 and 9 girls – 22 August 3 – 5pm

A few senior students are organising and running a High Tea event for the Year 8 and 9 girls after school in a few week’s time. This will have a focus on assisting these young ladies in navigating their way into the Senior School years. An invitation will be emailed to students directly.

Book Week

Character Dress Day – Monday, 21 August.

Middle School students are welcome to come dressed up in their favourite book character. Costumes must be in keeping with our Fantasy Policy and the Uniform Code for casual dress. (Please access this on the College website if unsure). Students may remain in their costumes for the day or get changed back into uniforms in first break. Prizes will be awarded to two students from each class.

Relax and Read Day – Wednesday 23 August.

Middle School Students are allowed to come to school in casual dress – again the uniform code must be adhered to. During the day, each class will have an allocated time in the library to relax and read a book of their choice as well as being treated to a light snack.

Year 7 Canberra Trip

Year 7s venture off to their grand tour of all that the cold climes and the nation’s capital will hold for them next week. Please be in prayer for them – for safety, good health and great interactions as they learn first hand from this experience.

Jacqualina Vreeling, Head of Middle School

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